Sunday, October 30, 2011


So the weekend was a hectic one.  The reason that I have not updated the past two days was because I was busy with actually moving the rest of my stuff to my new house.  Luckily everything is here and it went better than I thought.

So, yeah, I am finally here and no longer a "Bachelor" as it were.  I suppose that this was a long time coming, though, and I am not too sad about it.  Honestly it had been one of those things that I looked inward and knew that I wanted to be out of.

Honestly, when I stop to think about it, being a bachelor sort of sucks.  Your place is always dirty because you don't care about keeping it clean, you don't really tend to have much food in the fridge, and where did all of your money go?  Oh, it went to buying food that you would eat that day.  Most of the time from a restaurant or fast food.

So yeah, Bachelorhood?  Not going to miss it very much.  Bring on having to put my socks in a hamper, and take the trash out when it is almost full, not when it is overflowing.

I think that I can handle it.

Plus, it is awesome to have someone to cuddle with every night.

Yeah, I said it.

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