Thursday, November 3, 2011


Ask any boy that is between the ages of 3-7 about dinosaurs and I bet that you will learn more about them than you ever thought you would know.  What is it about these creatures that makes us so fascinated?  Obviously to the little boys it is the fact that they are big, and mean, and will eat you if you cross them.  Of course in these fantasies the boys are sure that the dinosaurs would never hurt them.  They are friends after all.

The funny thing is, though, how often do you meet someone that is that into something?  How often do you meet someone that can talk your ear off about something that you know very little about?  More importantly, how often do you stop and listen to them?

My dad was always into history. He still is, and it is one of the things that he loves to learn more about.  The home that he was in, and I spent my teenage years in, had a wall of the main living room that was just one long series of bookcases.  Every sort of history book you could imagine was on there (as well as some classic sci-fi and other books).  I never appreciated those books until I started to get into history myself as a hobby.

My dad is also one of those that will talk your ear off about old military weapons and tanks and the like. I think he mostly got that from my grandfather, who would do the same.

I sometimes think back and wonder what I could have learned just sitting there talking to both of them for extended periods of time and listening to what they have to say.  I am sure that none of it would be practical, and I would never have a chance to use it, but it is still something that I wish I could go back and do.

I suppose that is why I decided to learn something new every day (FYI, in case you are curious.  I learned today exactly how mousse works. Shut up, I am a guy.  It is not something that we are taught.). I want to know more about how the world around me works.

However, when the world keeps you busy it is hard to learn something every day.  I find that given the chance, most of us would rather shut off our brains than try to learn.

But I digress.

And I am being told it is time to stop typing and go to bed.

So I guess I am shutting my brain off.

Feels good.


  1. Mousse as in the hair product or mousse as in the light and airy food? Just curious.

  2. The hair product. I know what the food one is for. It is for eating.